Why you should buy a $4,000+ computer if you have to buy a whole new laptop, and what you should be looking out for

Computer hardware is an extremely expensive commodity, and with the advent of virtual reality, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find an affordable PC without one.

That’s why the likes of Asus, Dell, Lenovo, HP and Acer are all now offering $4k+ computers with fully virtualized desktop environments, allowing you to work from home or even travel without a laptop. 

But what about the big boys?

The first-generation ZenBook X220 is a $10,000 machine, which comes with a 15.6″ HD display, 8GB RAM, 64GB SSD, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080Ti and Intel Core i5-8400U CPU, and an 8GB solid state drive (SSD). 

If you’re a bit more budget conscious, the ZenBook 11 Pro comes with an Intel Core 2 Duo E4700 Quad-Core CPU, Nvidia Quadro K5000 graphics card, and 8GB of RAM, while the Zenbook 11 Pro 15.4″ comes with the same CPU, graphics card and SSD. 

The Lenovo Yoga 13 11″ with Intel Core m4-6400 Quad Core CPU, 4GB RAM and 8 GB SSD is priced at $7,200 and is outfitted with a Core i7-7700HQ CPU, 16GB RAM + 1TB HDD. 

It has the same 15.2″ screen, Nvidia 7th Generation GTX 1080 Ti graphics card with 1TB hard drive, 8 GB of RAM and 256GB SSD.

And the Acer X370 E-Series with Intel Celeron G3540-2600U processor, 2GB RAM; 16GB DDR4-2400, 16-channel audio and 1080p webcam is priced around $8,200. 

All of these machines feature NVIDIA VRWorks, which is an open source software that allows you to create your own custom operating system. 

So how do you decide which one is right for you? 

The best way to judge the worth of a computer is by how it performs on its own. 

You can measure the performance of a laptop based on benchmarks, but a laptop’s ability to run apps, browse the web, and use multimedia apps in virtual reality is more important. 

For example, if a laptop has a decent 1080p display, but you’re using it as a gaming machine, you might be better off with a more expensive, 1440p or higher display. 

When it comes to games, if you’re looking for a good-looking laptop, a good screen and plenty of RAM will definitely be worth a look. 

If the laptop has an amazing battery life and a high-end processor, you should definitely consider it, but for more affordable, entry-level machines, a 1080p screen and decent graphics performance should be more than enough. 

To make the best out of a good laptop, there’s no single right answer.

If you’re more interested in seeing which of these expensive machines are the best bang for your buck, check out our guides on how to buy the best laptop for the money. 

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