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Cane Creek fire: Firefighters on scene in Cane County, Georgia

RTE NEWS:Firefighters from Georgia and Florida have been fighting the Cane Fire in Georgia, which has been burning near Cane, Georgia.

In a press conference in Cone County, the fire was at its worst level, with no sprinklers in place and firefighters were using smoke grenades.

Cane County Commissioner Brian Hulbert said the fire is expected to burn out in two to three weeks, and the town of Cane was forced to relocate to a safer location.

The fire started about 7pm (local time) on Sunday night in the Cone Creek area, and firefighters fought the fire for about 45 minutes.

The county has said it had no warning signs, so it’s believed it started out as a wildfire.

A fire department spokesman said they had no fire information on the fire until Sunday night.

Georgia State University in Augusta has received $5.5m in federal funding for the investigation of the fire, which is the first confirmed fire in the area in more than three years.

The State Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (DACSS) is investigating, and local authorities are assisting with the firefighting effort.ABC News’ Brian Hulsby contributed to this report.