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Airplane to replace asbestos composition board in Boeing 737-800 airplane

In its new Boeing 737 plane, Boeing will replace a composite board that contains asbestos.

The board, which contains the building’s insulation material and other components, is designed to help prevent asbestos-related injuries and illnesses.

But the company said in a statement that it will replace it with a cheaper composite board made of a non-asbestos material called asbestos-reinforced polyurethane.

That cheaper board will be used on the 737-900, the company’s second-generation jetliner.

The new composite board is a composite of the composite material and some non-conventional fibers.

It was developed by a U.S. company, Noyes & Co., and used to build the new 737-700.

The U.K.-based company also manufactures the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner, the plane that is the world’s most advanced jetliner, according to the company.

A Boeing spokesperson said the composite board will replace an old composite board.

The 737-8 is one of the first planes in the Boeing fleet to be equipped with a composite material, and Boeing says the 737 is among the most common aircraft in its fleet.

Boeing also says the composite will reduce the risk of injuries to pilots and cabin crew and will improve the plane’s fuel economy.

The Boeing 737 is the largest plane in the 737 family, the smallest of which is the 737 MAX, and it is also the most expensive.

Boeing says that the composite can be reused on 737s to make the 737 SE, 737 MAX and 737 MAX Plus.

In its statement, Boeing said the new composite will improve fuel economy by 25% compared with the current composite, as well as reduce the material’s high-density properties.

The plane’s composite will be sold in Asia, the United States and Europe.

The composite is not used on any Boeing 737 or 787, Boeing spokesman David W. Smith said in an email.

The company said the Boeing 737 will be offered with an upgraded composite board by early 2019, when the 737 model will replace the 737 8, which is still in production.

The new composite is a nonconventional fiber that can be made from non-carbon fiber or polyester and that has better thermal conductivity, according the company, which says that it has been used on some aircraft.

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