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How to design a white composite board that’s functional and lightweight

A white composite panel is a great way to showcase your logo or brand.

It also makes it easy to add an extra dimension of colour to your design.

Here are a few things to consider when designing your own white board.

Read more 1/5 How to make a white board 1.

Use the white paper to create the image.

White paper has a distinctive metallic look.

It’s easier to make with white than with a glossy paper.

2/5 Lay out your white board, starting with the white background.

You can use a blank white board for this step, but you can use white with your design’s background, too.

3/5 Add the white logo or branding.

Create your logo by laying out a white background, then filling in the top half of the logo with white.

4/5 Draw the letters on the white board using the same technique as for your logo.

It can be tricky to draw the letters correctly, so be patient.

5/5 Fold and place the whiteboard flat.

This will make the whiteboards shape a little more stable.

Here you can see the shape of the white composite.

1/6 How to cut your whiteboard using a pencil and ruler.

This is a bit tricky because your white boards can be made of many different materials.

If you want to create a black composite board, for example, you need to make sure the colours are evenly distributed on the board.


Lay out the white image on a white sheet of paper.

The white background needs to be evenly spaced across the board so you can create the colours.


Fill in the space between the white letters using a line or ruler.


Draw the letter on the top of the board using a pen or pencil.


Fold and set the white to the centre of the image so that it sits directly above the white text.

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