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A survey conducted by the Department for Education (DfE) found that almost two-thirds of pupils had heard about composite boards, and more than one-third had seen them on TV.

The findings came as the government was pushing for more pupils to take part in composite boards.

The DfE said that the number of composite boards was on the rise, and said that children were now more likely to be taken on by composite boards and other “online learning opportunities”.

But it is understood that more than half of those who had heard of composite board had seen it on TV, with just under two-fifths seeing it on the internet.

It comes as the DfEs new digital strategy, the Digital Literacy and Skills Strategy, is set to be published on Thursday.

It calls for “more efficient, cost-effective and innovative learning”, including a push for more students to take the digital skills exam, with more than a third of the questions on it requiring students to use their smartphone or tablet.

The strategy will set out how schools and universities can make the digital curriculum more effective.

More:More:The DFEs digital strategy will also outline how schools can use their digital resources to better support pupils in the digital learning environment.

The government is expected to set out its strategy for digital literacy in schools and colleges on Thursday, with a new departmental website set to launch in March.

It will set up a new National Digital Literate Strategy, with digital and technology experts from across the government expected to join the board.

Last year, the DFE launched its Digital Literates National Board, which will be chaired by the Education Secretary.

Its role will be to “support teachers to create, implement and manage digital learning experiences for their pupils”, according to a DfL website.

“We will also ensure that all the departments have a strategic vision and vision of what is possible in the Digital Age,” it says.

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