Why some composite board manufacturers make better cuts than others

A composite board maker says it’s improving its processes to help reduce the amount of material that gets cut by cutting boards made from carbon fiber.

The U.S. board and ply board maker Bally’s composite board division said Wednesday that its process for cutting boards from the material is becoming better and its board and composite boards are becoming more reliable.

The company said it started using a different process for composite boards in 2009.

Bally said its board makers are now using the same process on boards made of plastic and rubber, which are lighter and more durable than the carbon fiber board.

The board and board composite board cuts have increased in quality since then, said Brian Boles, vice president of sales for the U.K.-based company.

The composite board is lighter than traditional boards and is more resistant to wear and tear than traditional carbon fiber boards.

Boles said the process also takes less time, which can help reduce material costs.

Bally also said that its composite boards have the lowest amount of carbon fiber in the composite boards industry, which has resulted in lower prices and lower supply costs.