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10-year-old son gets his first Lego set

An Australian boy has created the first Lego sets for a child aged less than 10.

The set is the first of its kind in the world, the New Scientist reports.

The boys own an older brother’s Lego set, but they’re still learning how to assemble it and build it themselves.

It’s the first time anyone in Australia has ever designed and built a Lego set.

Lego has created an online store for the sets, and has also launched a YouTube channel where parents can watch videos of their sons building the sets.

Lego’s online store has been inundated with requests for Lego sets since it launched.

But there’s been no online distribution of the sets before, so the company has created a community website to help parents learn how to build and assemble them.

It also provides a step-by-step guide to the building process.

There are four different colours of Lego bricks, which you can buy at the store.

The basic colours are grey, blue, white and black, with the colours varying between two different bricks of the same colour.

The sets are built in three-dimensional, plastic bricks, and can be placed inside other Lego sets.

For example, a set of blue bricks with black blocks and a blue-coloured block can be assembled in three pieces.

A Lego set has a colour gradient, which means the bricks are coloured differently depending on the level of colourisation they’re placed in.

The range of colours varies between the two bricks in the same level of colours.

When Lego sets are assembled, the Lego bricks will snap together and the bricks will form the shape of the building blocks, which are connected with Lego blocks.

Lego sets can be used for play, learning, and even for creating puzzles and games.

The company also recently launched a mobile app called LEGO Smart Home, which lets parents build their own sets with their children.

It has already launched in Australia and New Zealand.

Lego is a big company with a global reach, with more than a billion dollars in sales last year.

The toy maker has a huge fanbase with the likes of Michael Jackson, Prince Harry, Lady Gaga and even US President Donald Trump.

The Lego sets have also inspired the creation of other Lego models, including the Lego Tower, the Brick, the Skyline and the Brick-Tron.