What to Do With Your Gardening Gardening

Posted February 24, 2018 05:51:28You may have heard that gardeners have a hard time finding the right combination of materials for their gardens, and that many homeowners don’t know how to apply their materials effectively.And if you’ve ever wondered what the right materials for your garden would look like, here’s what to do with them.1.You […]


Why the ‘supercomputer’ in your smartphone can outperform its CPU

A new chip design is enabling “supercomputers” to beat the most powerful computers on the planet.This chip, dubbed “superchip,” uses a new approach to design chips that have vastly different properties from conventional chips. The new chip is based on the same design as the “chip” in the iPhone and Android phones. It’s called “Tecnaut,” and it’s […]

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How to Save Your Home and Save Money by Building an Affordable Pico-Pico Solar Panels

Composite insulation board and composite honeycomb boards are getting a lot of attention in the solar industry.But there’s a whole new type of solar panel technology that could save you money by the billions if you can’t find a cheaper alternative.Composite solar panels are made of a combination of composite material and plastic.They are typically […]