How to build the ultimate gaming rig with a pair of 12-inch monitors and a pair in a compact package

Posted by TechRadar on Sunday, March 13, 2018 12:28:46You don’t have to go far to find gaming rigs with gaming monitors in them, especially in the form of this 14-inch gaming monitor.

With a price tag of £999, the Acer Predator Z is a real contender when it comes to gaming monitors, but it doesn’t come cheap.

A pair of 120Hz panels will set you back £599 (around $1,200).

But there’s a much better option if you’re looking to build a gaming rig that’s built for gaming: the MSI R9 290X Gaming, which starts at £1,599 ($2,799).

This piece of kit is equipped with two 240Hz 120Hz gaming monitors and is the perfect size for an all-in-one gaming PC.

It’s not going to be as fast as a high-end gaming rig but it’ll keep your eyes peeled at every gaming session and let you use the latest gaming hardware without feeling rushed.