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Canada’s lightest boatboard

A Canadian manufacturer is introducing a lightweight composite boat board that it says can reduce the weight of its models.

The board, which Google says is the lightest board in its catalog, can be installed in less than three hours.

The lightweight composite board will be available for $35 at the Burtons’ website.

The company is working with a few different manufacturers to ensure that the board meets the specifications of the Canadian government.

It is not clear when the board will become available to the public.

The Burton is a lighter board that is lighter than other boards from the same brand, the Lightweight Composite Boat Board (LCB) from Kynoch, Inc. The board is made from carbon fiber composite and is made with a hollow core and a hollow tube.

A press release from Burtont said the board has been designed to be used on boats weighing between 5,000 and 10,000 pounds, as well as the light weight category of light sailing, fishing, and boating.

The company says the board is the ideal way to meet the needs of the larger recreational user who wants a board that offers stability, durability and durability.

The LCCB is manufactured by Kynch and features a hollow, hollow tube, and an integrated hull that is more than 2 feet wide.

Kynoch says it has designed the board to be light enough to be mounted on the back of any vessel, while maintaining strength and durability at the same time.

It says the boards weight is reduced by about 2 percent compared to traditional boats of similar size.

Kymco says the new board is designed to use an “excess” of the natural fiber and is engineered to be lightweight and easy to install, and to be easily transported, while being able to be assembled quickly, using a standard shipping container.

The LCCBs are not suitable for large boats and can only be installed by experienced boat builders, the company says.

The manufacturer says the LCCBS will be manufactured by the Canadian Polyester Industry (CPI) and has a lifetime warranty.

It adds that it is currently seeking funding to develop additional manufacturing facilities in Canada.

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