Italy’s Bocca & Bergamo set for second consecutive win over Serbia

It has been an exciting few days for the nation of Bocce, with the home team beating the Serbian side 2-0 in a friendly on Friday.

After a tough start to the day, the Boccos came out firing, with a brace of goals in the first half.

With the game already being declared a draw, the team has now won its last two matches.

Bocca scored twice and the team is currently on a four match winning streak.

Bergamo’s victory came after the Boca Juniors and Lazio fans clashed after the game, with both sides claiming to have been fined.

Boca Junior’s Roberto Bacca was booked for a dive on the Baccas as they came out for the second half.

The game then went into extra time as the Boccas took the lead.

After several penalty appeals, a late goal by Diego Milito and a stunning goal by Giorgio Chiellini, the game was called off after only two minutes.

The home side had a chance to add to the lead but missed a penalty attempt.

Milito’s goal, which gave the home side a 2-1 lead, was the first of the day for the BOCCA.

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Bergamo go into this match with two victories from their last two games.