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How to Build a Cheese Board on a Brick

A few months ago, a man named Andrew Smith was out for a jog on his home turf, when he came upon a brick structure.

He found the structure in the middle of a field, and proceeded to build a cheese board.

Smith has now made over 100 cheese boards in his project, but his best cheese board is probably a couple dozen, which he plans to add to a collection of pieces he’s assembled for the gallery at his local gallery.

The piece that really stands out to me is this piece he’s called The Cheese Board in the Cloud.

The design is based on an old-school, industrial-style building from the mid-1800s, and the result is a simple and elegant piece of work.

The pieces on the piece are all of a piece, though, and are all made of a single piece of wood.

It’s a very simple concept that’s so well executed.

This was a fun project to get started on, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed building this piece.

Check out more of Andrew Smith’s cheese board creations on his website, and check out the gallery below for more images of Andrew’s projects.

Images by Andrew Smith