How to design a cooling board for the thermolites

A thermoliting composite board made from curved sheets of plastic may help to reduce the cooling requirements for large-scale cooling, researchers from the University of Bath have found.

The study was published in the journal Nature Materials.

The idea of thermolitation is that, by heating up materials, they cool down.

For example, a plastic thermoplastic composite might be used to create a cooling strip on the outside of a large tank for cooling the tank of a giant greenhouse.

The plastic could then be used in place of the tanks cooling fins, which might increase the efficiency of the cooling system.

However, there is no good way to design thermolitically-cooled materials to reduce their cooling requirements.

Thermal plastics are the most commonly used materials in thermolithics.

However they are not particularly good thermal insulators, and are prone to warping.

This has led to some attempts to design flexible thermolitic materials that can be easily used in the environment.

In the new study, the researchers investigated a thermal polymer composite with an open shape.

This made it possible to design and test a design for thermal polymer thermolitating, a process that combines thermoligithics with other materials such as metals and plastics.

Thermolites are formed by heating water to temperatures that are much hotter than the liquid water molecules.

They are formed in water using a series of electrical currents, and then the water is mixed with other liquids to form a polymer.

The mixture of liquids is heated to extremely high temperatures, creating a polymer layer.

This process creates a thermoliter, a liquid that is hotter than its surroundings, and at these temperatures can hold up to 1,500 °C.

The researchers used a plastic composite made from two sheets of thermoplastics, each about 30 nanometres wide.

The polymer was first heated to about 1,300 °C using a high-temperature supercritical ion bath.

This gave a temperature of around 1,400 °C, and the composite was then cooled to a temperature that was around 1.5 million °C by a process called low temperature supercritical solidification.

The thermal polymer was then subjected to electrochemical reduction, a type of heating process that reduces the polymer to a fine powder.

The researchers found that the thermoplasts themselves could be used as cooling strips for the composite.

The polymer composite showed a cooling performance of just under 50 percent compared to the material that was used as the substrate, the thermolymer.

However the thermal polymer’s cooling performance could be enhanced by using a single thermolymeric core, which would have allowed for the use of an improved surface-layer heat transfer process.

The team then tested the cooling performance with two different types of thermolymers: polyethylene and polyethylenimine.

The results showed that the thermal polymers could outperform the polyethylenes, but that the polyene composite was more efficient at cooling than the polyphenylene.

The results were surprising, the team says, and could help to improve thermolifting performance.

The research team will now work on building a composite for use in a thermal bioreactor.

The material would be similar to the thermocouples used in most of the large-capacity, thermolifuge facilities around the world.

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