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How to add diversity to a board composition in the digital world

  CNN More than a dozen digital companies, including Airbnb and Twitter, have introduced boards to make their workforces more diverse, according to a new report by The Digital Insiders.

These boards are designed to allow people with different backgrounds to collaborate and to share ideas and knowledge, rather than to be the exclusive gatekeepers to content, The Insider reports.

The platforms have all added diverse voices and viewpoints to their boards in the past few years.

For example, Airbnb added the diversity panel in 2017 to create a platform for people of all backgrounds to share their thoughts on topics including diversity in tech, diversity in music, and diversity in fashion.

“The boards are a great way to engage and share ideas with the broader community,” Airbnb’s chief executive officer, Ryan Kramer, said in a statement at the time.

“Our diversity teams are committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive community for everyone.”

The platforms are also increasingly relying on community-based solutions, including community-led platforms like the Bancor platform.

Bancorp is the second-largest blockchain startup in the world, with more than $7.5 billion in revenue.

Bancor is currently in beta, with a few hundred people participating in its token sale.

The platform’s CEO, Alex Gorsky, told The Insider that the platform will enable its users to create and manage their own communities, similar to how the first round of Bancour’s token sale raised money for community initiatives like the “Tiny Projects” initiative.