How to make the most of the 2×4 composite boards

An innovative new design for building large buildings is to be used in the Israeli capital, with the creation of a new 2×6 composite board that has the capacity to house more than 2,500 people.

The new design was created by engineers at the Israeli Institute of Technologys (IIT) who were tasked with developing the new board after a study revealed that a 2×2 board was more effective in holding up a building than a 2X4 composite board, the Times of Israel reported.

The study, conducted by a group of scientists, found that the new boards were stronger than the traditional 2×5 boards.

The board is made of two 3/4-inch composite panels and is reinforced with a special steel composite that absorbs shocks and knocks out any internal cracks.

It can withstand high-temperature temperatures up to 600 degrees Celsius.

The team at the IIT, headed by Prof. Shlomo Regev, created the board with the help of a group at the company Z-Plus, which is based in Israel.

Z-plus uses a unique combination of plastic and steel that absorb shock and absorb cracks.

The result is a board that is stronger than 2×3 and stronger than any other board on the market.

According to the Times, the IISC team will submit its final report to the Israeli Ministry of Planning and Building by the end of the year.